Architectural Review Board


While the ARB Committee has handled approximately 150 applications in 2020, with the Covid-19 Pandemic protocols in place, we have undergone some

extensive changes.


Instead of having our monthly meetings in person once a month, like many others we are now meeting on line, weekly. And due to the now weekly meetings, we are able to approve, modify, or reject an application, and get back to the homeowner within 10 days, instead of the original 45 day turn around. The homeowner will then receive an approval letter from VIS Group, or they can contact the ARB member assigned to their neighborhood.

Current ARB Members are:

Kelly McCauley ...  The Links


Nick Hawkinson ...Kinsale, Port Stewart, Prestwick to Bella Vita,                                                                Ashbourne, and Birkdale.


Jerry Smith ...          Turnberry, Carnoustie, St. George, Stonehaven, and

                                    Prestwick, the Chehalis Trail to Troon.


Ken Valz ...               Troon, Muirfield, Berwick, Greenside, and Fairway.

                 Contact Information for the ARB Committee can be found here.


   ARB Project Application Form