Summer has passed, fall is almost gone, and winter is quickly approaching.

Along with cooler and shorter days comes a variety of home and yard maintenance issues, that we as homeowners and renters must address. Some annually, and others on a weekly basis.We realize that many of the current issues will need to wait until spring and summer before they can be addressed effectively.

At that point, if warranted, letters will be sent out to address the issues.

If you receive a letter, and you have a plan to address the issue noted, simply notify VIS Group in writing, or by phone, with both the plan and it's expected completion date.  That way your information can be noted in your file to avoid any further action.

This plan needs to be specific and related to the noted issue, complete with expected completion date.


If you agree with the findings documented in the letter, but haven't developed a correction plan, or have an expected completion date, again,

simply notify Vis Group that you are in the process of developing a plan.

We realize that getting contractors on board may take some time due to scheduling and weather. Once the problem is corrected, no further action is needed.


 Remember, any large projects such as painting, tree removal, or changes in landscaping, or hardscaping,

require ARB approval before you begin .


If you have a correction plan, or have any questions regarding

a letter you have received,





Contact VIS Group at either

or call






ARB Approval Form