Maintenance Committee


                                            Here's a small sample of what the

                          Volunteer Maintenance Committee

                         is working on in JULY...


    Landscaping Maintenance

Minor irrigation leaks addressed on Kinsale. Browning area in front of the Nature Preserve should 

start to green up now that broken controller was fixed. Weeding in curbs and street still an issue. Our

contract in the coming years will be modified to address problem. We have authorized a survey of our irrigation system to assess health and provide options to make it more efficient.

     Street Sweeping


Next sweep is scheduled for July 24th.


Storm Drain/Retention Pond Maintenance

Proposal from Storm Ponds NW to address issue noted by the City of Lacey inspector in work. 

Proposal will complete estimate for repairs and allow us to work with the inspector to review options.

1st of 3 contracted Pond Maintenance events completed. Per inspector, ponds were not mowed to

allow better vegetation growth. Catch basin cleaning completed, all reports submitted.




Misc. Projects/Activity Review

Low Voltage Gate Lighting: Lights will be completed by 7/17.

Hydrant Clearing: City of Olympia noted several hydrants with inadequate access due to shrubbery

growth. Capital Landscaping notified and requested to address.

Planting at front of Troon Island: Under review as we will likely re-landscape the island in 2022.

Asphalt Study: Deferred until 2022. We will crack seal in interim.

Refresh of Mailbox, Stop Sign, and Street Signpost: Mailbox post paint and refresh completed. Options for replacement of boxes under review.

Street Name Placard Refresh: Assessing options and costs to refresh placards.

Fencing Repair and Fence Line Cleanup: Fencing will be documented on an HOA Map, and will be used to plan and bid vegetation removal.

2022 Budget Exercise: Project planning and preliminary work has begun.

New Resident Presentation: Presentation detailing Maintenance Committee has been completed 

and will be given at the New Residents Meeting on 7/26, and also on the ISHOA webpage.

Work continues to repair/replace mailboxes and other required/requested work. Recently completed

signage work at Southerness requested by resident.

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