Maintenance Committee

                                            Here's a small sample of what the

                          Volunteer Maintenance Committee

                         is working on in March...

    Landscaping work for Spring phase continues.

We are moving into the Spring phase of landscape maintenance work, concentrating on Troon Swales

and repair of damage resulting from broken sprinkler line. Reviewing all areas and assessing need for repairs or plant replacement.

    Search for Asphalt Consultant continues.

3 sources for the job have been identified, bids requested and received. Discussions on bids are ongoing. Note: Asphalt repair is pending selection of road consultant and resulting maintenance plan. 

Annual crack seal will continue in the interim.

Sidewalk Hazard Repair.

Annual sidewalk survey is complete. Plan set for review by the board on 03/15.

Paint Striping

Low Voltage Lighting for Gates being tested.

Gate Signage

Electrical Reapirs

Misc. Projects.

Repair and replacement of mailboxes and other misc repairs continue..

3 bids requested and received. Evaluation underway.

Lighting of the Prestwick gate is mostly completed, still testing heads, hoods, flood vs spot, etc. Plan is same for all the gates when we add gate signage to identify gate.

Lawn mount gate signage has been ordered, and vinyl decals for keypads that will clearly identify

which gate guests are at when calling for entry. Installation will coordinate with lighting installation.

Replaced bad photocell at 3 cluster pole light near rear of island. Requested repair of Rainier gate 

pole light. Replacing both cobra heads and photocells so all gate lighting is consistent.

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