Please note that this mailbox break-in happened less than 2 miles away from Indian Summer! PLEASE empty your mailbox every day if possible, and be sure you only add outgoing mail in the mornings before the mail pickup. Mailboxes with mail sitting in them  overnight are just too easy and tempting to get in to! Thanks for your help!

Gate Damage...AGAIN

Once again a gate has been damaged. Clearly this

was avoidable. The resulting damage with parts and

labor will cost the resident several hundred dollars. 

Another reminder...there are video camera's at each

gate. Damage to gates caused by negligence will be

charged back to the homeowner.


If needs be, back up, and reset the operation.

Please Keep Our Sidewalks Clear!

As we all do our best to stay active during the Covid crisis,  many residents have chosen to go out walking for exercise. To adhere to the 6ft Social Distance guidelines some have chosen to walk both on the sidewalks, AND in the street curbs. Sadly, as too many residents continue to ignore the speed limits, many have been forced to crowd together on the sidewalks.

It is now more important than ever to keep our sidewalks clear of all obstacles and clutter. Many residents are still putting their garbage cans and recycle bins on the sidewalks on Tuesdays, forcing the walkers into the street, and the speeding cars. PLEASE remember, all cans and recycle bins should be placed in the curbs, NOT on the sidewalks.

Your help in this is appreciated. Thanks in advance!