Wine Club

Hello Wine Club Members and Guests!

It's been a while since our last December event and we are excited to get back into the sip of things in March!  First, John and I would like to thank Doc Barnett for his service in both helping the Indian Summer Wine Club as well as preparing the notes taking reservations. Starting with our tasting event on March 19th, all RSVP's will go through

With your RSVP please forward any request for seating or full table reservations as well.

Finally, we have a schedule change for May's event. Originally listed as a dinner on May 21st, we have changed this to a full tasting on May 28th. This will allow Trey Busch, owner and winemaker for the Sleight of Hand Cellars, to join us and talk about his terrific selection of wines. This tasting will be part of your annual wine club dues and the dinner will be moved to the June 18th date.

        Wine Club Events

March 19, 2020. 6:30 PM

We will have full notes for March shortly but the following selection is a nice preview:

                                     * Starting with a bubbly of course - TBD

                                     * Martin Ray Sauvignon Blanc, 2018

                                     * Martin Ray Chardonnay, 2018

                                     * Martin Ray Pinot Noir, 2017

                                     * Martin Ray Cabernet Sauvignon Napa, 2017

                                     * Martin Ray Cabernet Sauvignon Synthesis, 2016


                                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                                                           (Dates subject to change)


                                      April 16 ............Regular Wine Tasting 6:30 PM 

                                       May 28 .............Regular Wine Tasting 6:30 PM

                                       June 18 .............**Wine Club Dinner  6:30 PM

                                       July 16 ..............Outdoor BBQ Wine Tasting  6:30 PM

                                       August 20 .........**Wine Club Dinner  6:30 PM

                                       Sept 17 ..............Regular Wine Tasting. 6:30 PM

                               All  "Regular Wine Tasting" events are covered by the Annual Fee of $250/couple.     

                                ** The two Wine Dinners, June and August are each extra charge events,

                                                                         and include accompanying wines.